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    Ellis Edmon Duke

    We are still serving supermarkets, Nursing homes etc with necessary repairs in their kitchens to help with essential services these organizations provide. My biggest worry is we are running out of rubber gloves and other safety needs for my employees. We have no face masks at all. Anyone got any sources available to needed service industry like mine?

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    Shannon Sykes

    Send someone to the beauty supply houses they have a black glove that is reusable. My tech have those and they have worked great. They use the sanitizer or alcohol on the after each call and some have even washed them. They are a single pair around 15.00 here. Problem may be finding extra large sizes. Other suggestion is to use playtex gloves like you mama’s used to wash dished.

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    Chuck Hicks

    I was able to find the reusable latex gloves at Harbor Freight yesterday in large sizes, even though the disposable ones at all the stores had been donated to hospitals. Also found clear and black latex gloves at Sally Beauty Supply yesterday in XL, but a limit on buying one box.

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