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    Shannon Sykes

    Can anyone give me any idea on how they determine who is considered essential when this is going on.

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    Angela Petitti

    I Submitted a Request for Designation from my state. We were not listed in the essential list. Waiting to hear back.

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    John Kelley

    Shannon I think each state puts out it’s own version. I googled and found ours in MA. For our industry appliance repair, plumbing service or any service work involving the operation of grocery stores and/or hospital care seems universal for every state who allows only “essential” business to be open.

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    David Duckworth

    Shannon from what I have seen each county or city publishes their directives. The ones in Texas seem to be using the same template. If your company services any of the food supply network you are exempt . We put together a letter and sent it to our employees.Hope that helps

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    Daniel Dibeler

    it depends on the state but i am pretty sure commercial equipment repeir is ensential on all the list i saw, a hospitol would be screwed if they couldl serve food or clean thier dishes

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