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    Ellis Edmon Duke

    We are serving nursing homes, supermarkets etc. in the Houston Texas area with needed repairs to their equipment so they can provide necessary provisions and meals to their clients and customers. Does anyone know where we can get face masks to protect both our employees and our customers. Rubber gloves are running out also.

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    Guest Still has gloves but are limiting purchase qtys.


    Make a face mask using coffee filters. Better than nothing.



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    Sorry try this link for homemade face masks

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    Dan Twigg

    There are no cleaning supplies on shelves. I have found IMS-III
    sanitizing concentrate by Nu Calgon to be an effective sanitizer for
    food contact hard surfaces and ice machines. It is Covid-19 compliant
    and is readily available at supply houses. 5 gallon water to 8oz. or 1oz
    of concentrate to 80oz water. Also by Nu Calgon is Evap Fresh No Rinse
    Spray. it is for evaporator coil cleaner and disinfectant. It is Covid –
    19 compliant as well. I also found nitrile gloves at Auto Parts Stores.
    There are also home made hand sanitizer recipes on line as well as
    Lyson products that can be mixed for an effective cleaner.

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    Jason Wright

    I own both a foodservice equipment repair company (KD Service) and importer of electrical/RF components (RF Superstore). I’ve been able to leverage my overseas vendors (China, S Korea) from the electrical/RF business to obtain 3-layer surgical masks and some KN95 masks. My first order should be here by Friday of this week and I can order more if needed. Just reach out and let me know what you need. I can also send samples to see if they’ll work for you. Email with your contact information.

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