About this Site

Welcome! Stronger Service Together is a community built for anyone in the commercial foodservice equipment industry to discuss the challenges we face in our businesses and our lives brought on by COVID-19. It’s a place to seek advice, share ideas with people like you – doing the hard work of keeping commercial kitchens running no matter the circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for help in setting up safety guidelines or just looking to speak openly about the unprecedented events we are living through – Stronger Service Together is here for you. 

Welcome to the community of experts just like you, working together to make service stronger, today and every day.

The advice provided on Stronger Service Together is not a replacement for professional medical advice. When in doubt about symptoms, please contact a medical professional. Resources for businesses and employers is available from the CDC.

Site Rules

The rules are simple. Respect the community, these are challenging times and we want to keep the communication open, honest and on topic.

Keep it civil, we all know what that means!

Stay away from posting anything indecent both in words and pictures, can be considered spam, links to illegal downloads, etc.

If you have to think twice – it’s likely not a good idea to post or a site moderator will need to step in.